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Traffic Awareness Program


The Traffic Police Department launched a comprehensive Traffic Awareness Program in Vardhman Academy to educate students about road safety and foster responsible behavior. This initiative aims to instill a sense of responsibility, awareness, and adherence to traffic rules among the younger generation.
School secretary Mr. Atul jain has always been striving to conduct awareness campaigns in order to aware young minds about various social and academic issues. It was also an effort to make students more sensible regarding their road behavior.

Essential knowledge about road signs, pedestrian safety, and the importance of following traffic rules was imparted to the students.
They were encouraged to be responsible road users by emphasizing the consequences of reckless driving and the impact on themselves and others.
Chief Traffic Instructor & Deputy Secretary Mishika, Mr. Sunil Kumar Sharma
Introduced basic road safety concepts through interactive presentations,
discussed common traffic rules, road signs, and the importance of following them.
Mr. Sanjeev Kumar TSI shared insights and experiences.
emphasizing the role of law enforcement in maintaining road safety and the importance of cooperation from the public.

The Traffic Awareness Program in schools was a collaborative effort to create a generation of responsible and aware road users. By combining educational initiatives, interactive workshops, and community involvement, the program aims to contribute to a safer traffic environment around schools and instill lifelong habits of responsible road use in students.
School Principal Ms. Rupali Chaudhary urged the students to follow all the instructions & guidelines religiously in order to have a safe and happy life while driving.